Hawaiian Name(s): ‘aiakanēnē, kūkaenēnē, lepnēnē, nēnē, punēnē pilo, hupilo

Scientific Name: Coprosma ernodeides

Vernacular Name: none

Family: Rubiaceae

Status: endemic

Authority: A.Gray

Description: Many-branched, trailing shrubs.

Habitat Occuring in open sites on lava & cinder fields in subalpine woodland, 1220-2600 m on East Maui and Hawai‘i (Wagner et al. 1990:1125).


Non Medicinal Uses: The black, shiny fruits used to make lei (McDonald 1989:67). The inner bark of the stem produces a yellow dye; the fruit a purple to black dye (Krauss 1993:65).

Specific gravity of wood: unknown

Famous Locations:


`Ōlelo Noeau:

Dye Color and Parts: Yellow (stem inner bark) & purple to black (fruit)

Kino lau:

Location on Bishop Museum Kalihi Campus:

Propagation Information: Native Plants Hawaii.