Hawaiian Name(s): nehe

Scientific Name: Lipochaeta & Melanthera (20 species)

Vernacular Name: none

Family: Asteraceae

Status: endemic

Authority: L. connata (Gaudich.) DC., L. degneri Sherff, L. heterophylla A.Gray, L. lobata (Gaudich.) DC., L. rockii Sherff, L. rockii Sherff, L. succulenta (Hook. & Arn.) DC.
M. bryanii (Sherff) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. fauriei (H.Lev.) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. integrifolia (Nutt.) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. kamolensis (O.Deg. & Sherff) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. lavarum (Gaudich.) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. micrantha (Nutt.) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. perdita (Sherff) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. remyi (A.Gray) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. subcordata (A.Gray) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. tenuifolia (A.Gray) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. tenuis (O.Deg. & Sherff) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob., M. venosa Sherff, M. waimeaensis (H.St.John) W.L.Wagner & H.Rob.

Description: Perennial shrub up to 30 dm long.

Habitat Twenty endemic species that grow from sea-level to 2,000 m. Many species rare to extinct. Some species on all islands and some NWHI (M. intergifolia) while others flourish in specific habitats and locations (Wagner et al. 1990:331–344).


Non Medicinal Uses:

Specific gravity of wood: unknown

Famous Locations:


`Ōlelo Noeau:

Dye Color and Parts:

Kino lau:

Location on Bishop Museum Kalihi Campus:

Propagation Information: Easy. Grown from cuttings in any well drained medium; tolerant of salt spray (Bornhorst 1996:28–29; Bornhorst and Rauch 1994:5; Nagata 1992).
Hawaiian Native Plant Propagation Database.
Native Plants Hawaii.

Seed: Seed length approximately 3 mm. Photograph: H.Lennstrom. Species: M. integrifolia.
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