Hawaiian Name(s): nuku ‘i‘iwi, kā‘i‘iwi, nuku

Scientific Name: Strongylodon ruber

Vernacular Name: none

Family: Fabaceae

Status: endemic

Authority: Vogel

Description: Woody vine, red flowers, legume- pods 4 in. long & 2 in. wide, black round seeds.

Habitat Found in mesic to wet forests on most main islands between 180–825 m (Wagner et al. 1990:707–708).


Non Medicinal Uses: Large seeds used in lei (McDonald 1989:54–55).

Specific gravity of wood: unknown

Famous Locations:


`Ōlelo Noeau:

Dye Color and Parts:

Kino lau:

Location on Bishop Museum Kalihi Campus:

Propagation Information:

Seed: Seed length approximately 28 mm. Photograph: H.Lennstrom.
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