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Professional-quality photographs of most artifacts in the collection can be ordered through the Bishop Museum. Contact the Hawaiian and Pacific Studies Department for cost estimates and to place photograph orders. Subsequent use of professional-quality photographic images are regulated by the following conditions:

- Written request to reproduce images of Bishop Museum artifacts must be submitted and approved by Bishop Museum prior to public use of reproductions from the Museum's collections.

- Permission authorizes non-exclusive one time, one edition reproduction use only .Use authorization cannot be transferred to another party.

- Credit must be given to Bishop Museum, the collection and maker (if known). Bishop Museum staff will provide credit information when authorization is given.

- Alterations to images of Bishop Museum cultural objects are not allowed.

- Applicant assumes all responsibility for questions and/or potential claims regarding any copyright, trademark, invasion of privacy or other intellectual property rights that may arise from the copying and/or use of the Bishop Museum materials.

- The publisher/applicant shall furnish the Museum with a complimentary copy of any work in which the photographs appear.

- A licensing fee, separate from any reproduction costs, is assessed for any and every commercial use of images of Bishop Museum cultural objects. An estimate of this fee can be provided.

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