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Image / Ki'i
Akua Kahiko

 Wood - ohia

 248.5 cm x 41 D = 32 cm Height 8 1/2 feet

 Oahu, Hawaii, Polynesia

 Arthur Alexander says found in taro patch @ Waialua, Oahu - Catalogue. 11/25/52. See catalogue of Honolulu Library & Reading RM Association Loan exhibition, 8 to 16 May 1882, "No. 1168. Kii akua, dug up at Waialua & presented to Punahou" Exhibited by Punahoa School R.G.R. 9 August 1977. A Kalo Patch Idol. A small idol, siad to be of milo wood, was found in the year 1877, during Huki's life time, in the kalo patch just west of the bath-house at the Emerson Homestead in Waialua, Oahu. It must have been there many years, hidden in the mud, when discovered by a brother of Ohule of Waimea, Oahu. It was called "Ke Akua o ka poe mahiai." Similar idols have been found in kalo patches elsewhere in these islands. There are two gods called "Akua oka poe mahiai" vis. Kane-puaa and Ke-ke-oo. Akua o ka Poe Lawaia. Two names have been given me. Their parents were Ku (k) and Hina (w). Their names were Aeae, the elder, and Ku-ula, the younger. The were of the same sex, whether male or female I do not know. Akua o ka Poe Hana-Lei. Kahalaualoa (w) was a goddess to whom the girl at Keaau, Puna, Hawaii, offered a bread-fruit when Pele was starting a lava flow.

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