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Artifact # Object Type Material(s)
 D.03707Fishhook, lure Shell (pearl), plant (olona)
 D.04219Fishhook WOOD, CORDAGE
 D.04239Fishhook, shark WOOD, CORDAGE
 D.04240Fishhook, shark WOOD, CORDAGE
 D.04540Fishhook, lure Shell (pearl)
 D.04541Fishhook, lure Shell (turtle)
 HH 0260Fishhook Shell (turtle)
 K33C INV-2125Fishhook, metal Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2126Fishhook, metal Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127AFishhook, metal Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127BFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (steel)
 K33C INV-2127CFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron)
 K33C INV-2127DFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127EFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127FFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127GFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127HFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127IFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron)
 K33C INV-2127JFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2127KFishhook Bundle Metal, Plant (bark, fiber)
 K33C INV-2127LFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (steel)
 K33C INV-2127MFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128AFishhook, metal Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128BFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (steel)
 K33C INV-2128CFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128EFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128FFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128GFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron)
 K33C INV-2128HFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128IFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128JFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2128KFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron)
 K33C INV-2128LFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2130AFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2130BFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2130CFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber, cotton)
 K33C INV-2130DFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2130EFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2130FFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2130GFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber)
 K33C INV-2130PFishhook Bundle Metal, Plant (fiber, cotton)
 K33C INV-2130RFishhook Bundle Metal, Plant (fiber, cotton)
 K33C INV-2130SFishhook Bundle Metal, Plant (bark, fiber, cotton)
 K33C INV-2130VFISHHOOK, METAL Metal (iron), Plant (fiber, wood)
 K33C INV-2130XFishhook Bundle Metal, Plant (fiber, cotton)
 L.1340AContainer, fishhook Gourd, Fiber
 L.1341Container, fishhook Gourd, Cordage
 L.1342Container, fishhook Gourd

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